Welkom op Wim Boscheck Music Productions

We are specialised in music production and publishing. Our main categories are worldmusic, folkdance including seniordances and childrendances, folkmusic, as well as all contemporary music styles.

For senior- and childrendances we also publish books (Dutch & German) to be used with the CDs. One of the most remarkable books we publish is "Levende muziek in de Amsterdamse cafés" ("Live music in Amsterdam pubs") covering the well known Jordaan, in the center of Amsterdam.

We produce for various record companies on demand. All our material is available for licensing (see our catalogue that can be downloaded in PDF format - if applicable download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file).

If you have a specific need feel free to email us your request! All CDs and books we have released can be ordered by using the orderform (under construction).

We hope you'll enjoy visiting our website!


Wim Bosheck